January 26th, 2017

East Coast House Removals

The largest part of our removals service is domestic removals, this involves moving people from one house to another within the UK.

We do many domestic removals during the year. They range from moving to the house next door, to moving from East Anglia to Scotland, Ireland, Wales or the continent. We can manage any UK destination with ease. We are based in East Anglia and do many house home removals in Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Norwich, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Clacton, Aldeburgh, Cambridge, Newmarket, in fact we cover the whole of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire for house removals, house clearance as well as garden and shed clearances.

The most important thing to get right when considering ordering a domestic removals booking with us, is the date for the move and do we have spare capacity for the day you are moving on? You can soon find this out by calling us on our contact number and out of hours via our mobile number. If we are free on the day that you want to move, then you will need to confirm the day, which you can do by paying a £50 deposit by BACs or Paypal. We can provide you with Paypal or BACs details when you are ready to book.

The next most important item for a domestic removal is, how many items are you going to move? The best way to determine this is to call us out to your house so that we can estimate the number of vans required. We use 3.5 ton Luton vans, with a load capacity of 23 cubic metres per van. On average a single van can cater for a 2 to 3 bedroom house and 2 vans can cater for a 3-5 bedroom house. Needless to say this is an estimate, as some people have a lot more items to move than others.

The other key to success for a domestic removal is how to pack your items into boxes, see the section on Packing Services to get the best results.

The next key to success is how well your items are packed in own vans. A well stacked van with items tied down with sashes and protected with blankets is the main key to success. Our staff are well trained with this and will usually pack deep and high to minimise any movement on the journey. A well stacked van is the key ingredient to success.

Tips for Moving

The right removal company can work with you to help take some of the headache out of moving house.
Businesses will vary in terms of whether they require a deposit, the insurance they offer and the costs for particular services. Obviously the size of the move and the distance travelled will affect the cost. Remember the cheapest isn’t necessarily going to be the best. Check which tools and services are included in the price, such as furniture or mattress protectors, or the supply and removal of packing materials. Obviously budget comes into play, but you need to decide whether you want to do all the packing yourself, or hand over some or all of it to the company. If you don’t want to pay for a full pack, a partial packing service might work for you.
People often opt for a packing service when they don’t have time to do it themselves. Packing services also work well for people who have a lot of fragile or expensive items that they want the professionals to handle.A partial pack can help customers who don’t want the full service. The kitchen is the worst room to pack, because of all the china, glassware, cutlery and so on.
Some customers want the removals company to take care of everything for them, others will ask us to take care of their fragile goods, and others may start the packing but reach a stage where they can’t cope with it anymore.

Book early

 Removal companies have busy periods – just like any other trader – and it’s best to book in early. It’s best to contact them as soon as they think about moving. It’s not just about moving day, it’s the materials, recycling options and help with storage, too.Ideally book around four to six weeks in advance if possible, and certainly as soon as you’ve got a potential completion date. This is particularly important if you want to move on a Friday, in summer, or in the run-up to Christmas, as these are often peak periods for removal companies as solicitors prefer to complete between 12 noon and 2 pm on Fridays.

Be ruthless about clearing your home

There’s no point moving things you don’t use. Often people put things in storage and then realise they haven’t missed them, when they come to collect them three or four months later.’

Keep communicating 

Let your removal company know about any changes to the move date. In turn, it will let you know if it’s getting busy on your move date, or if there are any other issues. You should expect the company to confirm your booking in writing or by email. People are dealing with solicitors and estate agents who are notoriously poor communicators. You want to remove some of that stress, so send text or emails to confirm two days before the move, and there’ll be email confirmation of contract so it’s all in writing.’

Label boxes clearly

It’s essential to label packing boxes clearly, so your belongings end up in the right place. ‘You can get pre-made removal stickers on Ebay, they’re clear and make life easier for everyone.’

Use the right packing materials

Packing takes longer than you think, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Your removal company may supply materials free of charge, or Amazon or Ebay are good sources, too. Don’t use random boxes, as ‘different shapes and sizes will sink into one another and collapse, damaging the contents’. Best to use double-wall boxes. Standard boxes have a single wall of cardboard, but double-wall boxes are stronger and can take more weight. Be careful not to overload boxes or make them too heavy. Use smaller boxes for heavy items, such as books or records. Clear out your linen cupboard and use spare bedding and towels from your linen cupboard to line the tops and bottoms of boxes. This reduces the overall volume of your move and is just as good as bubble wrap. Wrap china or glassware in newspaper or wrapping paper. Stack plates vertically (like old vinyl records) to avoid putting pressure on those at the bottom of the pile. Use bubble wrap around pictures, mirrors or photo frames. You can use picture boxes for large pictures or oil paintings – they come in a range of sizes. Valuable paintings can be crated up in a wooden box. Put boxes in one room, or a corner of each room, if possible. This makes it easier for the movers to get to the furniture, and cuts down on double handling on the day. Get outdoor pots and plants undercover a few days before the move so they won’t get rained on and be muddy when you move them.’

The moving day

  • Be ready to go on time. When you’re moving as part of a chain, funds are transferred between 1 and 2pm, so you need to vacate the property by midday and can incur penalties if you fail to do so. If you’re doing the packing yourself, get everything ready to go before the removal team arrives. Ask your removals firm to start early if there’s a lot to do, to ensure you’re out in time.
  • Keep a parking space available for the removal van/s.
  • Keep kids and pets out of the way if possible. ‘If your children are around, keep them in one area of the house. You can always allow them to draw and colour in some of the boxes to ‘contribute.
  • Have a box for last-minute bits and bobs. Keep the kettle out until the last minute – removal porters run on tea and coffee. This box can also be a useful place to put TV remotes and other handsets.
  • Give the removals team space to work. The removals team won’t necessarily work in the way you expect. They stack the lorry with what they need to fit, so don’t be surprised if they fill it up in an odd order,’ said Judith Gray.
  • Always do a final check around. It’s easy to miss things – your mover will check the house, but you should too.

After the move

On arrival, your movers will unload the boxes into the rooms you specify on the labels, and put boxes where you say. They will do a visual inspection and ask you to sign the job sheet, to confirm that all your belongings have arrived.


If you’re unpacking your belongings yourself, don’t rush. Unpack your essentials and then take it steadily.

Deal with damages quickly

You’ll need to check your insurance policy, but ‘it’s best to unpack within a seven-day period, so if there are any damages that need to be claimed for, insurers will accept that as within a ‘reasonable time. If any items have sustained damage in transit, you can claim for this on the insurance. However, if you unpack items yourself, your claim will only be successful if it’s clear that the damage was sustained during the move, and not a result of your unpacking. If you want your insurance to cover unpacking as well, you need to let the movers take care of it.

Recycle your packing materials

Some removal companies will collect any packing materials from you to recycle them. If not, check your local authority site for details about how to recycle.

Leave feedback

Traders like feedback, be encouraged to do so, so others can learn by your experience.

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Mr Atkins
Mr Atkins

We used East Coast removals to move us from Great Yarmouth to Exeter. They estimated that it all went in to 1 van, which it did, only just! They turned up on time and moved the whole house in 1 day finishing around 9pm with very few breaks. They did a good job and were about half the price of the removals company we were going to use.

M Khan
M Khan

When we moved house from Ipswich to Felixstowe we had a problem moving our 5 foot marine fish tank aquarium. East Coast Removals said that they did marine fish tank removals and relocation. They packed all our belongings into the vans then 2 specialist aquatic guys removed all the fish from the tank into plastic bags withing polystyrene boxes. They then drained the tank into large water containers, taking out the live rocks, leaving them submerged in containers. They then removed pumps, lighting and all the other bits, quite quickly. They reassembled everything in our new home and every fish… Read more »


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wikror johnson

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